Mediics is Owned & Operated By a US Veteran. Our Vision is to lead the industry with the most cost-effective products and valuable Directory solutions for Care Providers and those they serve, while improving quality and effectiveness in every area of our operation. Whatever your family’s health care needs, Mediics.co & Medics.com is at your side..

Veteran Owned Business

Idea of Offering Healthcare Products & More Online

Mediics.com is an online store with a fresh concept in Home Healthcare Products. Instead of the typical Healthcare Products (Wheelchairs, Rollators etc.) We have also added Sport Merchandise (Comforters, Robes) as well as a few Electronics devices (Laptops). We add New Products on a regular basis, so as you venture through Mediics.com, you may see something that is not your usual Healthcare Products.

Life is what you make it, so lets make it exciting. We at Mediics believe our Products will get you in that mood. Enjoy!


Online Healthcare Directory.

Welcome Doctor’s, Dentists, Hospitals, Healthcare Product Sales (Medical Surgical, Homecare, DME, LTC) and other Healthcare Businesses & Professionals. We at Mediics know growth isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you feel you or your business is ready to diversify its service offerings, enter new markets, branch into new territory, or get new leads, getting more visibility is a must. This is one reason we have created The Mediics Healthcare Directory.

We wanted to offer you more than just a basic directory. Our Healthcare Directory allows you to list more than your Company Contact Information. Our Directory also allows you to list Coupons, Products, Jobs, Classified Ads and more. You can even share your Listings on Social Media. Take a peek.

Healthcare Directory


The Mediics Corporation offers more than the everyday Healthcare Products and Directory Services. We also Offer Small Business Services that will get your business more exposure and IT Support when needed.



Logo, Business Card and Flyer Design

A Logo, Business Card or Flyer represents your company. Users identify your company by the logo. Hence, it is important to convey and communicate your organization. We create visually appealing designs that communicate with you potential customers.



Web Site Design

Whether you need a website from the scratch or want to redesign an existing website, we can do that for you. We design attractive and appealing websites that helps you and your company leave with a lasting impression on your visitors. 



Remote Computer & Network Support

Even the most stable and monitored IT systems can develop problems that need to be addressed. Mediics Remote Support can remotely access your organization’s IT systems and initiate remote support to address problems as they arise.